Meat & Poultry

Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry are great sources of protein. They also provide lots of other nutrients your body needs, like iodine, iron, zinc, vitamins (especially B12) and essential fatty acids.

Red meat is generally meat derived from farm-reared mammals, such as: Pork, ham and other cuts from pigs, Lamb, Beef.

Poultry meat refers to the edible portion of any domesticated avian species, such as chicken, duck, turkey, geese, guinea fowl, and Japanese quail. Poultry meat has an important role in fulfilling the demand of high quality animal protein and food security. World poultry production has recorded continuous growth due to higher demand for poultry meat. For production of good quality poultry meat, birds should be reared, caught, transported, inspected, and processed in a scientific and systematic way without causing any unnecessary pain and stress. Modern management and breeding practices, contact farming, automation, and setting up large processing plants makes this industry popular and profitable.

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