Rawhide & Leather


Rawhide is dried animal skin that hasn’t been treated and turned into leather. Lampshades and drum heads are sometimes made from rawhide, and so are those leathery chews you give your dog to gnaw on.

To turn an animal hide into something strong and pliant (like boot laces, upholstery, or shoes), it has to be tanned, processed with chemicals that strengthen the material. Rawhide, on the other hand, is raw, or “in its natural state.”

Leather Products & Clothing

Cow leather is ideal for making clothing that is solid and stable. This is because cowhide is heavier, thicker and also more robust than other animal hides. Motorcycle leather suits and other protective clothing or water buffalo leather pants are typical examples of leather clothing. Thin and lightweight leisure jackets made mainly from cowhide are also very common and highly fashionable.

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